Don’t Make Enemies With Your Developer


The older you get, the more you begin to realize how much you don’t know.  At a certain point in life, most of us come to realize that there are some fights that are not worth picking.  For those of you reading this that are married, one of those individuals is your spouse.  The consequences and repercussions of picking a fight with the wrong person are as painful as they are time-consuming.  Your spouse is someone that holds too many keys and cards for it to be worth your time.  The person that is equally if not more dangerous to start a fight with is your developer.  If you want to talk about someone that holds all the keys to your business, that’s the one.

Time and time again you will hear us stress the importance of taking your time and vetting out your development company.  When you give someone your username and password to your site, you are essentially giving them the ability to momentarily end your business if something goes sideways.  Regardless of the business, having your site down for any amount of time means money lost.  There are certain businesses that are affected more than others.  Can you imagine an E-Commerce company that’s spent thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars on development, on SEO, and other forms of paid traffic?  Every single dollar that is generated by these companies comes from their website and hundreds and thousands of dollars can be lost even if that site is only down for a few moments.


How To Protect Yourself From Website Disaster

Without beating a dead horse and droning on and on about how important it is that you take caution when selecting your developer, let’s talk about a couple of other actions that can be taken to truly protect and guarantee that you don’t give you developer full access to take down the kingdom.

  • Clone everything
  • Give access to another developer you trust
  • Learn enough to get by


Clone Your Website

We won’t go into the technical instructions on how to clone your website at this time, but we will talk about why it is important to have a clone of your site stored somewhere.  Remember that time back in high school or college when you spent days and nights writing that paper just in time to turn it in before it was late?  Did you ever experience the heartbreak of having your computer stop working or die before you saved the document or before auto-save was ever invented?

Always, always keep a copy of your work.  Yes your website, but everything is better in two’s!

With a clone of your site, you can take more risk and even try some things you normally wouldn’t, knowing that at the very worst you are going to be able to start from you originally began instead of from scratch.


Find Another Developer

This is the toughest of all of the precautions you can take.  Finding a good developer these days is almost impossible, much less finding two that you trust.  If you know someone that is in the software industry or that has had a software product built, ask for a referral.


Learn Your Stuff

We are continually coming back to the concept of knowing at least enough to get by and not get walked all over.  If you know enough to sound like you know your stuff, the chance of you getting stepped on and taken advantage of is a lot slimmer.  There is so much information available right now on the internet for free that there is simply no excuse for you to not know answers.

Carve out an hour each week at the very least and dedicate yourself to building up your skill set and knowledge base so that when you do decide to make enemies with your developer, you are stuck in a bad spot.

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