SEO 101


Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s make sure and follow the example of legendary coach John Wooden.  Coach Wooden was obsessed with the fundamentals of basketball.  He stressed over and over again the importance of doing all the little things correctly to build a solid foundation before spending time worrying about anything else.


Search engine optimization is no different.  There are certain principles and actions that must be taken and taken correctly first to have any kind of a chance at earning a top spot on Google’s coveted page one rankings.  It’s also vital that as a business owner, although you may not be the one performing the actions and completing the SEO tasks, you know what SEO is and what it is not.  Good relationships are built by managing expectations.  If you don’t know what basic SEO is or have an understanding of the process of optimizing a site, you won’t be able to hold anyone to anything.  


Google is one of the most incredible, well known, and reputable brands in the world.  They have products that are so superior to other products in specific verticals that it isn’t even a discussion.  Their product line has grown and grown and grown as time has gone on.  Despite all this, it’s important to remember why Google started, what their purpose is, and where they make all their money.


They are a search engine.  


In order for search engines to be successful, they need to have their algorithms created in such a way that when you or I decided to go to them and search for anything, we are served up a relevant result.  If you or I were to have a couple of bad experiences where we went to Google and ask a specific question, but got no results that answered our questions, we would quickly stop using their service.  As long as people keep coming back to Google, they will always be around and thriving.  It allows them to make ridiculous amounts of money on their ad product, Google Adwords.


How Does This Affect SEO


That being said, you need to understand that when Google’s robots are crawling sites, they are looking for the one that is going to best serve that customer and answer his or her questions.  There are some other factors that go into it of course, but for the purpose of generally understanding how this works, that’s it.  Your job (or ours) is to build a site in such a way that it provides massive value through content to the largest number of people possible with the widest variety of search variations.  This is why you commonly hear the phrase, “content is king.”  The more your content can answer those questions that people bring with them to the search, the more likely your chance of ranking.  That means that if your content answers more questions and is lengthier, while still maintaining quality than the rest of the relevant sites, you win.

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