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Our goal for our next few posts is to go into some really tactical and granule SEO strategy.  Blogs are fun to read and can be very enjoyable, but the goal of our blog is to make your time spent reading worthwhile.  We don’t have any SEO secrets to hide and believe in giving value first before ever asking for anything in return.  Sure we are great guys that have everyone’s best interest in mind, but we are also businessmen that understand that business owners are busy running their businesses.  It has been our experience that the business owners that best understand how SEO works and how it applies to their businesses are the very ones that come to us for help.  These small and medium sized businesses that don’t want to bring someone in house understand how complex the process can be and how crucial it is that SEO is done correctly.  In that sense we are doing this out of selfishness because we know that providing value for you upfront will lead to business for us down the road, whether through you directly or through a friend that you refer over.  


Let’s dive into how to do SEO for a restaurant!


As we mentioned in our post small business SEO, it is not always worth the time and money to do SEO.  There are a lot of factors that go into making that decision.  Generally speaking the best way to determine if it is even worth looking at SEO pricing is to ask yourself a couple of important questions:


  • Do people know about my service?
  • How many people are potentially searching for my product or service?


If you answered yes to the first question, then it is more than fair to say that hiring an SEO agency is at least worth exploring.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be a yes.  


The logic and reasoning behind this is that if someone knows about your service (a restaurant serves food to people for example) then they are going to go online and search for it.  It’s very common when searching for a place to eat for example to go to Google and search “restaurant near me.”  The consumer already knows what a restaurant is and what it does, know they just need to see the name of your restaurant appear at the top to give you a shot at their business.  


How Much Potential Online Traffic Is There?


We’ve mentioned this before in other SEO based conversations and blog articles.  It’s important for you to calculate and consider the risk and reward of using an SEO company.  What we mean is that it’s important to understand that in order for you to get the benefit of SEO, you need to be ranking in the top three organic results minimum.  If you want the most upside you need to be number one.  Knowing that there is little value from being on any page but page one, you need to see just how much upside can come from earning that number one spot.  If the total amount of traffic is 50 visitors a month for example and you are a restaurant, unless there is no online competition, you are going to be wasting your time and money and be sorely disappointed once you’ve arrived at the top.


In order for restaurants to keep the lights on, they need to put people in seats.  It is always concerning when a restaurant is open but there isn’t a customer to be found.  The frustrating thing for a restaurant is that it takes a number of employees at all times to be able to function.  The hard costs of the employees stays the same, so if no one comes in and orders food, that means the restaurant takes the hit.  


Being in the restaurant business is a competitive place.  There are so many options for people out there that your value proposition has to be unique enough to get people’s attentions.  The internet has made everything that much more competitive.  Bob or Sally can go get a license and open up shop tomorrow and start dominating online if they’ve got the budget to do so.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they have the best food but the customer doesn’t know that.  What we’ve found that works best for restaurants on a budget is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and reverse engineer their mind.  Seriously, go ahead and close your eyes and think about that customer.  Is it a man or woman?  Are they young with kids or older with time on their hands?  What kind of questions do they ask?


If you can figure out what kind of questions your customers and potential customers ask online, you have won.  If you know that your customer is a senior that is on a budget, you can now begin optimizing and building content around the term “cheap restaurants near me,” instead of going after the obvious term “restaurant.”  The longer that term, the less competition you are going to have and ironically it is these terms that often prove to push the most traffic and have the highest conversion.  


Remember, you’re in business to provide value.  Reverse engineer your potential customer, ask the questions they would ask, and then build the content accordingly.  The results will blow you away.  

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