Should I Do My Own SEO?


Small business owners are used to doing a lot of things themselves.  For most, when starting their businesses they didn’t have a lot of capital to work with and as a result are used to wearing many hats.  For this reason, the first thought that many owners have when realizing they need to started marketing online and performing SEO and doing things like backlink acquisition and keyword laced blog articles, they opt to do it themselves.  This isn’t a bad thing and if you are a business owner reading this right now that is short on cash, you have no other choice than to do it yourself.  Contrary to what many other SEO companies practice, we want to teach you everything we know.  If you have the time and patience and resources necessary to do it yourself, we hope you will!  As we’ve mentioned in prior SEO blog articles, it is most common for business owners to begin learning the process and then become overwhelmed with the depth and complexity of what it will entail.  

Let’s go through a couple of resources you will need to have readily available if you wish to start on this venture.  



The number one thing you are going to have to be willing to spend is time.  Not only are you learning an entirely new process, but you are also embarking on a journey that is time consuming.  It is not uncommon for us to perform SEO services for companies here in St. George or nationally and spend 100 hours per month on that one company alone.  Much of the time we spend is on things like writing blog posts, (this article itself is proof of that) researching and acquiring backlinks, and building out citations.  We will go over these actions in detail in later blog posts.  

If you a new business owner that is just starting out and you have a lot of time to give and not a lot of money, doing your own SEO may be a realistic option.  You are going to be spending a lot of time online looking at SEO forums, blog posts like this one, and YouTube videos on how to do your own SEO.  We don’t want to discourage you at all, it is a very fun and rewarding process that can consume you (in a good way).  It’s always been a game for us knowing that we are going head to head with companies across the world that have much larger budgets to spend on SEO than we sometimes do.  We find great pride in being able to outrank these companies and prove to ourselves and our clients that we truly do know our stuff.  



If you’ve already decided in your head that you have and are willing to commit hours on end learning the online marketing piece of your business, you are one step ahead of the next guy or gal.  The next reality you need to face is that you most likely aren’t going to pick this up overnight.  For almost every digital marketer and business owner with a curiosity and appetite for SEO, there have been countless moments of frustration and doubt.  The concept of SEO in and of itself is asinine.  This is an entire industry built on figuring out Google’s algorithm.  An ever changing algorithm that is constantly being updated and fine tuned by some of the brightest minds in the world on a daily basis.  When you take a step back and think about it, it’s almost like building a house on someone else’s property.  

Even when you think you have this game figured out, Google will make sure to remind you that you don’t.  Something that has worked time and time again for you in the past can suddenly no longer seem to work.  Or sometimes even worse is that it still works, but it takes longer to reflect that and makes you question your actions and abilities.  This is patience game and any solution to SEO that doesn’t take time, effort, and patience usually is something to watch out for and to steer clear of.  


Everybody Should Do Their Own SEO

Our advice for those of you DIY people that have tossed around the idea of handling this piece of the business yourself, we suggest you go and do it.  Even if it is just for a short period of time it will provide an education that cannot be bought or replaced.  This advice seems counterintuitive to the advice you would expect an SEO company to give.  Our business and our livelihood depends on handling the online marketing for other businesses, so why would we tell you to go do it yourself?  We know that a customer that has attempted to do SEO on their own has a deeper appreciation for just how tedious and time consuming this process can be.  When results don’t happen overnight, they will be more understanding and less likely to point the finger of blame.  

Go do it yourself.  Commit to learning the process, spend the time needed to learn it, and then give it a shot.  If you end up like the majority of business owners and decide to turn it over to us to handle, we won’t fight you.  If you’ve got the time and patience, there’s no downside to going for it.

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